The Vadaj villagers residing in Mumbai on account of business in the company of Shree Kulswami getting new thoughts regularly by inspiration of All Maharashtra's Kuldaivat 'Shree Kulswami' and having continuously boon of Khaderai and their blessing have adopted vow of devotion of Shree Kulswami and service of modern society. Its image viz in Mumbai mainly found in vendors of fruits, flower, vegetable, onion, potatoes, agricultural retail and wholesale dealers and doing the service for livelihood in Mumbai the Vadajkar decided to make financial service of public. In the year 1995, the society known as 'Shree Kulswami Sahkar Mandal Mumbai (Vadaj) formed at Byculla. From medium of fund and Bhishi collected fund the Mandal took decision to form Credit Society. The raised fund of Rs.70,000/- and by making registration of 600 members, the invited Byculla E ward Divisional public and with a view to establishing on co-operative basis establish Shree Kulswami Co-operative Credit Society Ltd on 21st August 1983 and declare in public meeting. With co-operation of members in the ward for 'Transforming society from co-operation' the inspection programme of society made on even of Gudhi Padava on 21st April 1984.

While opening ceremony of newly co-operative society, the dignitaries present in programme expressed their opinion saying that it is constructive cause for creating co-operative society during present growing turning period. We hope Shree Kulswami credit society shall become example in credit financial business as guiding one for transforming society from co-operation.

With 600 members and share capital of Rs.70,000/- the daily routine work of society started since 03rd April, 1984.

In prima facie the fruit, floors, vegetable, opinion, potatoes, retail to wholesale vendor and businessman as also service doing people in vacinity of divisional market at Byculla, Dadar, Crawford Market, Bhuleshwar from Pune District become member of society and started doing transaction with society.

The society acquired and got faith of all general and ordinary members by submitting first Annual Report for the period 03rd April 1984 to 30th June 1984.

The society took members who were doing business in divisional market in Greater Mumbai on Board of Director as director of society and by assigning this responsibility to them as also on pretext of doing business in Mumbai city and as society financial commitment decided as guider to public in society as co-operative member of 'Shree Kulswami' credit society.

The society got utter faith, valuable co-operation and well wishes of divisional members and businessmen within gap of 5 years (at end of June 1991) the society crossed the state of Rs.1 crore on its own fund. As per loan limit upto Rs.2000 and by providing financial assistance to needy people as also by taking into account the increasing demand of members of society without taking financial assistance from Dist Bank catered the need of financial assistance of businessmen from deposit with affection and attachment.

It is pertinent to note here that due to utter faith, valuable co operation and well wishes of Shree Kulswami the businessmen in various wholesale fruits, flowers, vegetable market , the tremendous and remarkable growth of society started. In co-operative year 1990-91 for making daily routine function through computer , the society newly in prima facie purchased Bright System computer. This is first society in Mumbai for doing all function in Marathi on computer. This society was recognized as expeditiously giving mainly daily recovery and monthly receipts to its members through computer at end of every month.

Firstly the jurisdiction of society was limited upto E ward only. As all agricultural produce goods market yard are shifting to New Mumbai, it was necessary to enhance jurisdiction of society and accordingly we got jurisdiction extended sanction from co-operation department . As glory of name in co-operation field, the Managing Board along with expansion of branches as also as per agricultural produce goods businessmen for providing financial assistance to producer , the society succeeded in expansion of its branches at jurisdiction of Thane and Pune Dist. Our society has got first honour to depositing amount of farmers on the same day of sold agricultural goods in Navi Mumbai market.

The society created competition amongst student by celebrating various division wise programme every year for distribution of 'Shree Kulswami Scholarship and Awards for meritorious educational special excellence to children of members. . The children of most of members have got educational merit and now they are working on higher post and we have meaningful pride of them.

Day by day becoming progress in banking field, and by taking into account profit and loss due competition for growth of business, the management have made prosperity from time to time. Without making any claim in co-operation, the opportunity given to all constituents for inclusion of doing work in progress of society. The society have created 37 branches like at Main station on central railway in Greater Mumbai, In new Mumbai in every node as also on highway of Pune Nashik, in front of bus depot in commercial cities and financial service in existing conditions are being done through CBS system above 1,000,00 members.

In silver jubilee year of 2007-2008, the society has completed important stage from city and rural area. The society has got reputation as standard and forefront self-reliant society in the field of co-operation in the state of Maharashtra and have celebrated excellent silver jubilee year. As family of Shree Kulswami, the credit society has made work of transformation of society from co-operation and society's access conception of scheme medium 'One family One bank', 'Purush & Mahila Bachatgut Yojana' 'Shree Kulswami Pratisthan' etc and by undertaking of various social, educational, health and sport subject, the information have been reached upto all public and hence reputation of society has been enhanced.

Unbreakable faithful relations of 35 years of co-operation and hence

By the name of Our people! Our Society !! the society is giving diligent services to its members through 37 branches in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune District. Whatever is possible due to technology that all have presented by the society for us.

We are committed to service